Emily Ritz has been creating otherworldly, celestial soul music for many years. Inspired by the lush landscape of Northern California and magic of the pacific ocean, Emily's songs have a textural feel and cyclical structure.

The native New Yorker left for California after high school to study painting and film making at California College of the Arts. Embraced by the vibrant music community in San Francisco in the early 2000’s, Emily found her place there as a performer. She continued to tour and put out albums with the Bay as her home-base long after graduating from college. Her previous projects include Honeycomb, DRMS, and her more recent collaboration with Kacey Johansing, Yesway. In 2012 Emily’s health took a turn when her Lyme related arthritis became difficult to treat. This left her totally disabled at times and made performing difficult. Emily moved to a small town in West Marin to slow down to take care of herself. Still making art and writing songs, she used her drawings as a meditative escape and her music to express the heartache caused by loss of mobility and sense of self. Emily had always been inspired to write songs about heartbreak steeped in metaphor, she was now writing more about her experience of being heartbroken by her own body. If you listen closely you can hear her experience of feeling trapped yet hopeful while trying heal.

Since her move back East to Hudson NY last year, Emily has begun performing under her own name for the first time. With a heavy delay on her electric guitar, odd time signatures and intricate guitar picking underneath powerful, soulful vocals, you can expect a compelling live performance. Emily will releasing her first solo record Pattern Recess in 2017.